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Designing Fitness Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise and massage for lifelong wellness

Providing individualized exercise, physical therapy and therapeutic massage for adults of the Hampden, Maine area. Specializing in balance, strength, flexibility and pain management to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, active, independent lifestyle.

Sonja ParkerMSPT, LMT

Through Designing Fitness Physical Therapy, our purpose is to provide one-to-one physical therapy and fitness services customized to your goals and needs:

  • helping you get back to what you love to do, whether it’s golfing, running, or simply going for a walk without pain
  • assessing your risk for health issues and designing a safe, personalized fitness program to prevent problems later in life
  • optimizing your performance in your favorite sport
  • preventing injury as you pursue activities you love
  • preparing you for surgery, and maximizing your recovery after surgery
  • evaluating your balance and implementing a safe treatment plan to improve your stability and minimize your fall risk
  • addressing postural and musculoskeletal issues to allow you to move with flexibility and ease
  • maximizing your strength to give you the power to live your life fully
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Designing Fitness Physical Therapy is located in Hampden, Maine and offers services by appointment at Maxim Fitness Studio and Health Spa, or in the comfort of your own home (town of Hampden only) to offer you convenience and accessibility.