What People Are Saying

Each time Sonja came to my home, she brought with her enthusiasm and encouragement while regularly offering me a new task to promote my rehabilitation.

Sonja’s bright smile can only help anyone feel good despite how some days the results of surgery can feel stifling. I found her to be quite knowledgeable about the mission at hand, understanding of the complexity and results of my surgery while blending her compassion as she helped me break new barriers with each visit. She was my cheer leader, and more!

Sonja also embraced my quest for renewed strength as my job places me outside of the office setting most days and in the “trenches” at fire and accidents scenes and more. Not only do you need a healthy body but a comfort in knowing you can be safe on road. She embraced my personal mission in her guidance in helping me aim for an end result even with my perceived limitations right out of surgery.

I highly recommend Sonja Parker’s skills, talents, and savvy for anyone in need of physical therapy. If a patient puts in as much effort as Sonja does with each session, there will only be strength and increased mobility for the future.

Mel is the Master of Graston. I have had it before with someone else that left me badly bruised and disappointed. Mel knows how to use Graston in a way that gives great results quickly. She helped with a chronic condition that made a big difference in how I move. Every step, every day is better...Thanks Mel!!!

A slip on the ice resulted in a torn meniscus in my right knee. Pain and swelling severely limited most activity including my daily morning walk. After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss treatment options, I decided to first try physical therapy before considering surgery. This turned out to be a great decision, but the even greater decision was to engage Sonja Parker, MSPT, for this therapy.

Ms. Parker’s thorough evaluation resulted in a custom physical therapy regimen perfectly suited for me. Within two weeks (six one-hour sessions), the pain was gone and mobility was restored to the point that I could continue most activities – including my daily three-mile walk, which is of much importance to me as a seventy-five year old. After three more weeks (six additional one-hour sessions) of increasingly challenging routines, it felt as if I had never had the injury and it has now been nearly a year without any recurring symptoms.

I most highly recommend without any hesitancy Sonja Parker, MSPT, for your physical therapy needs.

My daughter saw Melanie Armstrong, PT at Designing Fitness Physical Therapy, after injuring her shoulder and neck in a soccer game where she was unable to keep playing and was in a lot of pain. Melanie had her back on the field in a few visits and educated her on how to prevent it from happening again.

She is very kind, caring and I highly recommend her for all your P.T. needs!

Sonja’s happy smile, positive attitude, and encouragement was a bright spot for myself and my husband. Sonja started a routine and adjusted it as needed as we progressed in recovery. She worked with me for 3+ months and got me headed in the right direction. It was hard to feel discouraged…with Sonja’s friendly, professional attitude and encouraging measurements of the progress…

We will always be grateful for the hard work that she did on our behalf. I am convinced that I got the very best of treatment and acquired the encouragement to not give up because of Sonja.

I saw Melanie Armstrong, PT at Designing Fitness Physical Therapy for elbow pain (tennis elbow). After four visits of Melanie using the Graston Technique on my elbow, I was pain free and had my mobility back. It was AMAZING!!