Helping you get back to what you love to do

Therapeutic exercise and massage for lifelong wellness

Providing individualized exercise, physical therapy and therapeutic massage in a private, supportive environment. Specializing in balance, strength, flexibility and pain management to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, active, independent lifestyle.

What We treat

How We Treat

Physical therapy services include customized treatment that will always be private, one-to-one, and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Treatments may include:

Customized Exercises

Discover how a tailor made exercise regimen can set you on the path to recovery.

Graston Technique®

Find out how therapy utilizing the Graston Technique® might be beneficial to you.

Telehealth Visits

Curious about our secure telehealth option? Learn more here.

Therapeutic Massage

When is a massage a therapeutic massage? Glad you asked! Come find out today.

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Find out how our individualized programs will help you recover faster from sports-related injuries and surgeries.

Therapeutic Modalities

Ask us how we may use modalities like ultrasound and e-stim to help speed up your recovery.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Discover how neuromuscular re-education can improve neurological issues, including LSVT BIG® for Parkinson’s.

Balance and Fall Prevention

Find out how a thorough evaluation will guide our customized approach to maximizing your stability for all of the activities you love.

Home Visits & Modifications

Learn how customized exercises and home modifications can keep you safe in your home for a lifetime.

Two Payment Options Available