When it comes to physical therapy, while manual therapy is obviously not an option over a video screen, therapeutic exercise and sage advice definitely is!

Telehealth services are a simple, secure way of getting the care you need in the comfort of your own home if an in-person visit isn’t advised, possible, or necessary right now.

Telehealth PT is often called “telerehab”, and it occurs in much the same way as Skyping, FaceTiming, or Zooming. However, at Designing Fitness PT, we use a different, HIPAA-compliant video platform that protects your privacy. By having things set up correctly, this can go very smoothly and provide for a high-quality, beneficial interaction.

Though some may be intimidated by the technology involved, we can assure you that if you know how to use email, you can use telerehab! In our case, all it involves is just clicking on a link in an email.

The only equipment you need for a great telerehab visit with us is a good internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone that has video and audio capabilities.

These visits are currently being covered by Medicare as well as private insurances, just as a regular in-person visit is covered. In fact, some private insurers are even waiving copayments and deductibles for this service, in order to encourage their patients to reach out and get the care they need without making a trip into a hospital or clinic.

Additionally, Medicare even covers PT services provided over a telephone conversation, or through email correspondence (they call it an “e-visit”).

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of advice, or a couple of simple exercises customized to you to help you manage something that has been nagging you. Be sure to reach out to us, knowing that the options for connecting with us are numerous and worthwhile!